Journalist, editor and podcaster

stevehart2Steve Hart is a multi-media journalist with a background in radio and interests in audio production.

Born in the UK, but now living in New Zealand, he currently works at NZME’s  New Zealand Herald.

Best known as a business & finance reporter, magazine editor, and podcaster, his professional experience includes working for newspapers and local radio in the UK.

Between 2000 and 2007 Steve worked at the New Zealand Herald. He was chief sub editor of its daily business section, and went on to edit the paper’s Travel and Career sections.

Between 2007 and mid 2015 he worked as a freelance writer, editor, WordPress wizard, video producer and podcaster. He also launched and sold the Viewfinder magazine for independent movie makers.

Steve returned to the Herald in late 2015 to edit its real estate sections as well as its quarterly Property Report. He also podcasts about WordPress and Auckland real estate.

You may also hear his voice on the radio as he does occasional voice overs for commercials produced for NZME radio stations.

Professional experience

  • Editor
  • Journalist
  • Project manager
  • Podcaster
  • Broadcaster
  • Video editor
  • WordPress

Past editorships (since 2000)

  • NZ Investor magazine (contract editor)
  • Publisher/editor  Viewfinder magazine (business sold in 2012)
  • D-Photo, photography magazine (contract editor)
  • Engineering and Manufacturing magazine (contract editor)
  • New Zealand Herald, editor, custom publications
  • New Zealand Herald, editor, Careers section
  • New Zealand Herald, editor, Travel section

Writing credits (in New Zealand)

  • New Zealand Herald – employment and business writer
  • Project Auckland (NZ Herald special publication)
  • German news agency DPA
  • Employment Today magazine (ThomsonReuters)
  • D-Photo (digital photography) magazine
  • InBusiness magazine
  • NZ Investor magazine
  • Herald on Sunday (business section)
  • Mortgage Magazine
  • NZ Business
  • Management magazine
  • Domain Magazine (Fairfax)
  • Migrant News
  • Bay of Plenty Times (APN)
  • The Big Idea website

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