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Steve Hart is a journalist, editor, assignment editor, and project manager with experience in broadcast news. He currently works at NZME’s New Zealand Herald.

Between 2000 and early 2007 he worked at the Herald as chief sub editor of its daily business section. He went on to edit the paper’s Travel and Career sections managing teams of freelancers.

Journalist Steve Hart.

He left to work as a freelance reporter specializing in covering employment, business, consumer finance and retail investing. As a contract editor he managed magazines including D-Photo, NZ Investor and a trade title for engineers.

Steve actively follows the sharemarket, real estate and politics. He volunteers as a community radio host and previously worked in radio (including time at the BBC).

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Latest posts

Radio 2.0 – how the net is disrupting broadcasting

The golden age of radio is long gone. Today, we have cookie-cutter DJs playing more or less the same music and commercials as the next station on the dial.

Music is often selected by a computer program based on the time of day along with a few other parameters few outside the industry get to hear about. Save to say, someone in marketing probably schedules the music you hear.

How to record great video

The lower prices of everything digital means almost anyone can own an HD video camera. That’s great news, because videoing stuff can be great fun.

A colleague tells me this week he has just finished a “painful” 4 minute promo for a company whose MD shot the video himself, using his [reluctant] staff as presenters.