Dairy Flat residents join to fight landfill proposal

INTRO: New Zealand  company Norsho Bulc wants to use more than 75 hectares of land in the rural Rodney district of Dairy Flat for a landfill site.

The firm has asked Auckland City Council for resource consent to receive 940,000 square metres of managed fill material over a 10 year period. Managed fill is different to cleanfill as it can include poisons such as mercury and cadmium.

An action group – the Blackbridge Environmental Protection Society – has been formed to fight the proposal. It held a public meeting on Saturday 28 November at  Dairy Flat school where locals got to air their concerns and have questions answered by society members.

Reporter Steve Hart, a Dairy Flat resident, went along…

Download this audio report here (stereo MP3 17meg), or 7 meg mono here.