Podcasting Made Easy

Get on the air – everywhere with your own podcast


Podcasting Made Easy

Recording and broadcasting a podcast is a great way to share a passion, news or company information.

But finding reliable and unbiased help and advice to get started can be hard to find via a Google search.

This PDF provides all anyone might need to know about recording a podcast and having it appear on services such as iTunes.

Podcasting Made Easy is ideal for the novice podcaster and includes plenty of information for those already ‘on the air’.

Podcasting Made Easy is easy to understand, quick to read and is a solid, practical guide for anyone who’s keen to join one of the fasted growing mediums since AM radio.

The publication (more than 6000 words) explains why you don’t need flash gear or expensive microphones to get started. Tells you how to get listed on iTunes, and other podcatching services, and what free software you can use to make and edit your recordings.

This practical guide will give you the confidence to get started, the polish to sound like a pro and the marketing smarts to get your podcast out there. It’s the perfect step-by-step guide for anyone wanting to host and produce their own podcast.

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Podcasting Made Easy – ISBN: 978-0-473-29809-8

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