How to clean out your WordPress database and optimize it

If you have been using WordPress for any length of time you will likely have hundreds or thousands of redundant files sitting in your WP database.

The database stores all your data and runs in the background keeping all your content organized. If your database becomes corrupted then you will be in real trouble, unless your hosting firm (or you) regularly make a copy (say once a week) – which can be used to replace a corrupted/faulty database.

Now, this plugin won’t necessarily prevent your database going bad, but it will help keep it trim and efficient.

The One Click WordPress Database Cleaner / Optimizer will remove a bundle of old and obsolete items from your database including things such as revisions of your Posts and Pages.

I.e; once you make a Post live, and you go in to alter and  update it, the previous version is saved as a revision.

While this may be useful to check back on what was changed, if you only want to keep a handful (rather than every single one) then this plugin will do what you need and much more.

And if you want a free alternative to the Word suite of apps, check out OpenOffice – it’s free and runs on all platforms. I use it and recommend it highly.