Kill the vermin! Nothing else matters


I have to wonder what the government is up to with today’s announcement that it wants to make New Zealand ‘predator free’ by the year 2050. We are not talking child sex offender, we are talking vermin.

A few years back Prime Minister John Key said the government shouldn’t own businesses, so tried to sell the power companies.
Today he wants to start a state-owned business to kill possums, stoats and rats.

John Key says today, with a straight face, that New Zealand has a good environmental record.

This record includes half our rivers being too poisonous to swim in, turning a blind eye to fracking companies pouring industrial waste on grazing land, and letting farmers run our rivers dry to irrigate pasture.

Then there is the homeless due to years on inaction on house building, the selling and/or demolition of much-needed state homes, longer queues for surgery, people living in overcrowded homes, and the sick delaying seeing their doctor because of the charges.
With all these issues – the government wants to kill vermin?

I just don’t get it.

Clearly conservation Minister Maggie Berry is trying to make a name for herself while she can. The next general election is next year, will she make the list? Don’t bet on it.