Places I like

Here are a few websites I like to keep an eye on and a few videos that may be of interest. They are presented in no particular order.

  1. Democracy Now! A highly respected week-day news hour that’s advertising free.
  2. Audio reports on New Zealand’s Parliament here.
  3. When I need a jingle fix I go to Jingle Mad Radio. This site is also worth a look if you are into old ILR stations in the UK.
  4. Pro Publica – Journalism in the public interest.
  5. 9/11 World Trade Centre 7 – the mysterious collapse and this.
  6. Centre for Investigative Journalism. These  guys released the Panama Papers among other things.
  7. Max Keiser; this guy shoots from the lip on all things global economy.
  8. McSpotlight (McLibel). During the 90s I followed the McLibel case in London, bought the video and wore the T-shirt.
  9. Being a huge fan of the WordPress CMS I keep up to date with the latest plugins.
  10. Universal Basic Income. Why the benefit system needs to be overhauled.
  11. Positive Money. Discover how money is created by banks.
  12. Press Gazette. The online version of the magazine for journalists.
  13. Journalism is another UK magazine/resource for journalists.
  14. Open Democracy. News and features, some of which can be republished for free (subject to Ts&Cs).
  15. Mixxx.  When I get the music mixing bug I turn to Mixxx. A great free DJ app that will run on any OS.
  16. Radiologik. When I host a radio show I use this app.
  17. Reason. I can spend hours playing with this music-making app.
  18. Pirate radio. A bit of British nostalgia.
  19. The Free Music Archive features new music you don’t hear on the radio. Orfium is also worth a look for new bands.
  20. Free software for Macs. Free alternative to MSWord here.


Please don’t shoot vertical video with your smartphone (just do not do it). Turn it sideways so it matches your widescreen TV, and then press the record button.

Why buying a home is so expensive.

How the banks are crippling the world.

How banks create interest-bearing money out of thin air.

Still confused about how money is created? Try this video.