New plugin to change your Login URL

How to mask your standard  login URL.

A fast and furious post this time… How to hide the login page to your WordPress website. It’s now very easy with the free WPS Hide Login plugin available here Two thumbs up to Reny Perona!

How to change the language of your Theme

We’re talking languages in this edition of WordPress Tips & Tricks – how to change the language of your theme, and which theme is best for podcasting websites.

Most any theme will lend itself to featuring podcasts, but at least two companies sell themes designed specifically for audio and podcasting, there are Apendipity and Theme Forrest.

To change the language of a theme template, I suggest using a plugin to do this. It save time in re-writing the back-end of a theme and gives visitors the option to change the language on demand. So for the front end, consider: Google Translator, Transposh, Loco Translate.

And for the back-end, look at: xili Language, R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher, and qTranslate. Hope my answer helps, and that one of the above free plugins does the job you need. Cheers, Steve