Change your WordPress login URL

How to change the URL of your login page to help keep unwanted people out of trying to access your site.

Use this plugin.

Hi. There’s a great way to hide your WordPress login URL using a plugin called Rename WP-Login, but its author has stopped supporting it (shame).

There does not appear to be an alternative in the plugins directory (at the time of writing) so what to do? One suggestion is to use a captcha code on the login page, which will at least help prevent those nasty attack bots.

But if know of a way to mask the standard WordPress login URL – then do let me know so I can share the goodness with fellow podcast listeners.

If you want to help people keep your website on their computer, then a new plugin that allows viewers to download your site as a PDF may be waht you are looking for.  See WP-PDF Generator.

Finally this week, if you want to offer your website viewers a bit of fun and extra engagement, check out a new plugin called Online Games.  It does what it says on the tin, adds a bundle of HD shoot-em up and arcade games to your WordPress site. Don’t forget, check out my PDF on how to be a Podcaster and do send in your WordPress questions – I do my best to answer every question.

Have a great week. Steve