52 – Feature a podcast in your sidebar via RSS

This week I have a great bundle of plugins to share in WordPress Tips & Tricks.

First off, if you are a podcaster and want to feature your latest podcast in a sidebar along with your iTunes artwork then Podcast Player Widget will do the job.

This is a podcast feed widget that displays the iTunes set image for the episode and uses the default WordPress audio player.

This is ideal for the sidebar of a podcaster’s website or for any WordPress site owner who wants to feature a podcast in their sidebar – WordPress Tips & Tricks would be a great edition to any website 🙂

Easy Instagram Feed

Instagram feed is a plugin to show your Instagram stories on your posts, pages or in a widget.

There’s no need to find Instagram access token, all you need do is enter the Instagram username.

The plugin is responsive and search engine crawlable. It is also customisable so you can get it to match the colours of your website.

Publishing conditions

Have you every published a post and then realised you forgot to select the category?

Publishing conditions helps make sure you don’t publish your post before all your ducks are in a row.

Out of the box it makes sure you do not publish under the Uncategorized category and forces you to add at least one tag.

Just by the by, I normally rename Uncategorised to a name I do want.

Floating Video Plugin

Put a video on your site and as people scroll the page the video disappears off the screen out of sight.

However, with the Floating Video Plugin your video remains on the screen all the time.

It works with ogg and mp4 files as well as YouTube.

This plugin creates an effect such as that seen on the websites of CNN, Daily Mail, and the new material design version of YouTube.

The video is inserted using a shortcode.

Hello Phil

WordPress admins will have seen the Hello Dolly plugin that comes with every installation of the CMS.
If you activate it you will see a son quote from Louise Armstrong.

Now, fans of Phil Collins get their own plugin with Hello Phil which shows random lines from the song In The Air Tonight.