About Steve Hart

Professional experience

  • Magazine and newspaper Editor
  • Journalist / writer – news, features, press releases, speeches, internal/external comms.
  • WordPress – build from scratch, content management, maintain, update and fix
  • Project manager – any media
  • Podcaster / broadcaster
  • Handy with a camera
  • Author of three books (any of which could be a best seller any day)
  • MailChimp EDM

Editor roles since 2000

  • NZ Herald – Herald Homes and the NZ Herald’s Quarterly Property Report. Career section, Travel, and custom publications
  • Demm Engineering & Manufacturing magazine (contract editor)
  • NZ Investor magazine and website (contract editor)
  • Publisher/editor Viewfinder magazine and website (business sold in 2012)
  • D-Photo, photography magazine (contract editor)

Books written and published

  • Mayan And The Legion of Alice (Sci-fi)
  • Podcasting Made Easy (non-fiction)
  • The Small Business Guide to The Media (non-fiction)

Apps I use

  • Adobe Audition (audio)
  • WordPress CMS
  • Mailchimp EDM
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Premiere Pro and (latterly) DaVinci Resolve (video)
  • Extensive library of royalty free music and sound effects and imagine elements for radio / jingle / video production

Deep background

By the late 1980s Steve Hart was heading for a successful career in radio. More than 10 years as a professional nightclub DJ and a passion for broadcasting had led to some wonderful opportunities; including time with Essex Radio and BBC Essex in the UK.

But an interest in local politics caused him to do a one-80. Steve left the music behind to train as a journalist at his local weekly newspaper. However, while he returned to radio as a news reporter for occasional stints, the newspaper bug had bitten.

Steve quickly rose from junior reporter to investigative journalist, to chief sub editor, and then deputy editor (of a group publishing 14 regional newspapers every week).

He then headed to London for a sideways move into corporate communications for Norwegian engineering firm Kvaerner.

“I travelled the world reporting on the company’s major infrastructure projects in China, Hong Kong, Portugal, France, Sweden…”

Three years later he joined London-based contract publishing house Barkers Trident Communications as managing editor of a team of 12.

In late 1999 he was offered a role at the New Zealand Herald as chief sub editor of its daily business section and so left London for Auckland. A succession of senior editorial roles followed at the Herald until he left in 2007 to work freelance.

“I wanted to learn web design, had a book I wanted to finish, and I also wanted to get into video production/editing – so I had to free myself up to do these,” says Steve.

Steve went on to produce three documentaries, mastered WordPress, and continued writing for the Herald among many other top newspaper and magazine publishers.

In 2009 Steve started podcasting.

“The radio bug returned and so podcasting seemed the perfect way to scratch that itch,” says Steve.

Steve’s first podcast was about the weekly ups and downs of the New Zealand sharemarket for NZ Investor. A string of podcasts followed; each running their course.

He hosted weekly programmes about WordPress, engineering, and an hour-long podcast – The Steve Hart Radio Show – that was picked up by broadcasters around the world. That led to Steve hosting two widely syndicated music radio shows.

In 2014 Steve was invited back to the Herald to run NZME’s busy real estate section Herald Homes until he left the firm in April 2019 to pursue other passions and interests.