Create a blank page in WordPress and add new skins to the default audio player

Every now and then you may need to create a blank page in WordPress.

I had just such an occasion last week. The issue I had to overcome was creating a popup window that would feature a streaming audio player for a radio station.

In this case, the normal Modal popup window was not suitable as I wanted the popup page to be moved anywhere on the screen and to remain if the user clicked away the station’s website altogether, and have the player working in the background.

This is not the first time I have needed to do this, and previously I had created an HTML page in Dreamweaver, added the audio player embed code and uploaded it to a folder via FTP. For the record I used AudioIgniter.

But last week two things stopped me doing what I have normally done in these situations.

1)      The owner of the site didn’t have their FTP details to hand and needed the popup window urgently
2)      We had settled on using Audio Igniter as the audio player and so needed to place its shortcode on a WordPress page for it to work.

So, I needed to create a blank WordPress page that did not feature a header, footer or widget sidebar.

At first blush this still required access to the site’s folders via FTP – to access a Page I had created, open it in  Dreamweaver and strip out all the code I did not want.

But could there be a plugin that could create the blank page I needed? I mean, the number of times anyone would need a blank page must be quite small.

Thankfully there is just such a plugin. It’s called Blank Slate  – although Blank Page would be more accurate.

The Blank Slate plugin creates a blank page so only the content of the page is displayed. Header and footer are totally empty.

You create a blank page by installing and activating the Blank Slate plugin, creating a new page and on the right hand side selecting Blank Slate under the Template option.

You can then add the content you want. With the page saved I used its URL in my popup code.

Blank Slate has 6,000 active installs and 10 five star reviews (11 now).

This is the  plugin that you never knew you needed and it works flawlessly.

This worked so well I even used it on one of my sites:

However, you can’t create a blank page and then delete the Blank Slate plugin – if you do, your blank page will no longer be blank.

Another audio player worth a look

Another player that is working very well is mb.miniAudioPlayer.

This plug-in let you transform any MP3 file uploaded inside a post / page into a  small HTML5 audio player with volume control, seeking control, title bar, rewind button, mute button and play button (of course).

See an example at

Highly recommended.

Here is the code I use to create a popup window (Ignore square brackets [ ] )

[ <a href=”javascript:void(0)” onclick=”‘https://www.YOUR POP UP PAGE .html’, ‘newWin’,’width=500,height=240′)”><img src=”https://YOUR IMAGE URL .png” alt=”pop up window” width=”200″ height=”84″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-160″></a> ]

Adjust width and height sizes to your liking.