De’Longhi Distinta toaster – second slice

My post about the awful De’Longhi Distinta toaster seems to be pretty popular and hit a nerve based on the number of hits the post has had.

After mentioning  it on Facebook – like one does – Melannie from De’Longhi wrote to say her company is “proud of this toaster”. Ho, ho!

She writes: “The issues you’ve described sounds like it’s a fault of that particular machine, not the range.”

Oh dear. I checked, and sure enough found a consumer review that mentions, in not such flowery language, the very issues I identified.

I share it with you here. These guys gave the De’Longhi Distinta toaster 3.5 stars out of 5. Way too generous in my opinion. I give it 1 star because it looks good.

As a functioning toaster. It sucks big time.