Ethics professor’s compulsory covid vaccine dilemma

Year one ethics tutor, professor Julie Ponesse of Ontario’s Huron Western University, has detailed her ethical dilemma in being forced to take a trial vaccine to keep her job in a video that’s gone viral.

“My employer has just mandated that I must get a vaccine for Covid-19,” she says in the five-minute address. “If I want to keep working at my job as a professor, I must take this vaccine.

“I’ve taken plenty of vaccines in my life, but I’ve never been forced to take one. It’s always been my choice. I’m here to tell you it is ethically wrong to coerce someone to take a vaccine.”

Her video closes with a caption saying Dr Ponesse was dismissed on 7 September.

The university’s covid vaccine requirement is published here.

It says: “Effective Sept. 7, 2021 all members of our community – including students, employees and visitors – must provide proof of vaccination or have an exemption, and those with an exemption must be tested for COVID-19 twice weekly. There is no longer a testing option for those who choose not to be vaccinated.”

According to one report, Maxwell Smith, a bio ethicist and assistant professor in the faculty of health sciences at Western University, appears to say that ethics professors are not virologists and so are not in a position to make a decision on whether to be vaccinated or not.

In other words, medical specialists now override all other considerations. If they believe a treatment is necessary then it becomes compulsory, because they say so.