Everyone should make time for a hobby (and have fun)

Cool Nights, syndicated jazz show

Hosting the the Cool Nights radio show gives me a chance to chat about topical issues and play some great jazz music. The show is broadcast by a bundle of digital and FM stations across the US, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia…

The Pleasure Dome

The Pleasure Dome started as an 80s dance music radio show in 2013, but morphed into a programme featuring a broader range of dance music. Today, The Pleasure Dome exists as an occasional non-stop dance megamix.

┬áMaking ‘music’

When time allows I mess around with Reason.

The programme features digital versions of the best synths and drum machines known to man as well as the sounds of real instruments – pianos, string instruments etc, via high res samples. Using a digital keyboard you can play almost any instrument, record and mix your performance.

Theme to the classic movie Get Carter (written by Roy Budd) (jazz)