Minimal maintenance page and a sidebar for Twenty Seventeen

WordPress Tips and Tricks

Looking for a quick way to have a maintenance page?

Easy Minimal Maintenance is an easy way to display a maintenance page while editing or building your site.

You can easily enable/disable, change header colour and text and you can use your own template (if you are so inclined).

Light and easy to use, this plugin will ad a holding page to your site while you beaver away in the background.

Want a front page sidebar in Twenty Seventeen?

The Twenty Seventeen theme is really awesome, but unfortunately it has no way to display a sidebar on pages.

This tiny plugin will add the Blog Sidebar to all the pages, including the front page. You don’t have to touch a single line of code, and it works for Twenty Seventeen child themes too.

For best results; Install, activate, then go to Customize > Theme Options and set Page Layout to One Column.

If you want your page sidebar to differ from your post sidebar, try Content Aware Sidebars . This plugin will let you show and hide widget areas based on a wide range of conditions you select – giving you complete control over your sidebar.

Content Aware Sidebars even allows you to combine conditions. This means that you can display a custom sidebar on all posts in Category X written by author Y. You could feature the author’s photo and short bio.


From making a simple call to action button, to a navigation button to open Facebook messenger, Buttonizer is a new way to give add a little panache to your WordPress site.

With the Buttonizer it’s possible to add buttons to a select number of pages with “page rules”, decide for each button if it shows on mobile and/or desktop, style your button with your own icons & colors, add social sharing buttons, Show the button on opening hours and make use of many more rules.

And the beauty of all: All actions are hidden in one button. The moment a visitor clicks on your Floating Action Button it will pop all specific buttons you’ve set for that page. Track each single button in Google Analytics so you can see which actions your visitors prefer.

Podcasting book!

My book Podcasting Made Easy is due for release 30 September 2017. This book is for people who have no experience in broadcasting or podcasting and who want a step by step guide to hosting their own podcast without spending a penny more than you need.