Writing, Podcast Production, Project Management
Writing, Podcast Production, Project Management

Post production of your recordings

Send me your original podcast recording and I’ll work on it to remove unwanted noises such as erms, coughs, and long pauses etc so the podcast flows naturally.

Using a totally digital audio workstation, I’ll enhance the overall sound of your podcast drawing on a range of professional apps such as Adobe Audition and Izotope to clean and beef up the overall audio quality, and do my best to reduce room reverb and unwanted background noise etc.

I’ll mix in your supplied intro music as required and add the all-important meta data and logo / artwork to the final MP3 file.

Simply send me the best version of your original recording in any format via a file sharing service such as WeTransfer, provide instructions on what’s needed, and I’ll set to work to make it sound brilliant.

I’ll listen to the entire recording, perform editing as needed, audio sweetening, mix, export to MP3, and send you the enhanced version – often within 24 hours.

Routine treatments of your supplied audio include:

  • Lower volume of breath noises
  • Adjust volume for consistent levels
  • Do my best to reduce background noise
  • Remove mouth clicks and other incidental noises
  • Remove unwanted silent gaps
  • Remove pauses, ums, ers, unwanted sections of dialogue…
  • Carefully edit speech to improve flow and meaning
  • Reduce room reverb / echo
  • Enhance overall audio quality
  • Adds inserted
  • Mix in your supplied intro / outro music
  • Meta data and supplied logo added to your MP3

As a rough guide it take 4 to 5 minutes to edit one finished minute of a podcast.

Call me for rates.

I’ll make your podcast for you

Your company wants a weekly podcast, but you don’t have the gear, the time, or anyone to sit in front of a microphone and record it. I can help.

For a fixed weekly fee I can write a podcast script based on information you supply me, or I can scout around to find press releases and news that fits your brief, and record your podcast for you.

In addition I can interview guests and feature them in the podcast.

  • You get to sign-off the script before it’s recorded
  • You get to hear the recorded podcast before it’s released
  • I’ll make changes based on your feedback
  • I handle everything else

Interested? Drop me a line to find out more.

I come to you

I am a ‘go anywhere’ podcast production house and can arrive at your Auckland-based premises with the equipment needed and be ready to press the record button in around 30 minutes.

I’ll arrive with broadcast quality microphones, make everyone comfortable, and operate the mixer to ensure good audio quality is maintained.

After the recording is finished I’ll leave to edit the recording and send you an MP3 for review. The fee includes one set of changes.

I’ll add the all-important meta tag data, add your supplied podcast logo to the MP3, and guide you through the steps you need to take if this is your very first podcast.

Rate: $450 includes travel within Auckland, 2 hours on site (plus equipment set-up and break-down time), microphones, mixer, digital recorder, etc. Also included is post production: first edit and one set of changes based on your feedback. Additional changes billed at $75 an hour (or part thereof).

Quick tip

While offices are often good-enough to record a podcast; do check the room you plan to record in doesn’t suffer from excessive reverb issues. Clap your hands in the room and listen for how long the noise reverberates for. Is it ‘dead’ or full of echo / reverb? You want the room to be as ‘dead’ as possible for recording a podcast.

Self-help: Want the full background on starting a podcast?
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