Radio demos and interviews

Following a near 15-year break from hosting radio shows, or indeed having anything to do with broadcasting, I started podcasting in 2009.

Three years later it occurred to me that I was half a step away from being able to record a radio show featuring music, and with plenty of hobby and semi-serious internet broadcasters popping up around the world I guessed there’d be a market for some free radio shows. I scratch my itch and broadcasters get some quality content.

My first show was an easy choice – do what you know – and I knew 80s dance music inside out. The Pleasuredome show was born and was an instant hit. In short measure it was on 100 stations and ran for almost three years.

A more thoughtful and newsy show followed – The Steve Hart Radio Show and then came Cool Nights, a jazz show that started out playing jazz classics and morphed into a smooth jazz show. Again, it was well supported by broadcasters, jazz labels and musicians.

In June 2020 I shelved the show…But below are some examples of my recent on-air work…

Interview with Ralph Johnson of Earth, Wind & Fire in 2019
Interview package with Chicago jazz musician Markus Rutz in 2020.
Interview with LA jazz musician and music producer Rick Habana in 2020.
A taster of the Cool Nights jazz show.
Demo of the 80s show The Pleasuredome.
The short-lived dance club chart show