Steve Hart – profile

Hi, and thanks for visiting my website.

I am a writer, editor, podcaster, WordPress whizz and project manager.

My specialist areas include reporting on business, listed companies, investing, real estate, insurance and consumer finance.

Professional interests extend to keeping abreast social issues, health, education and politics – domestic and international.

It was my interest in local politics that led me to give up  a very lucrative career as a night club DJ in the 1980s.

There was a cross-over period of a few years though – I was a mild mannered news reporter during the day and a super beat-mixing house DJ by night. I worked in radio too, from Radio Top Shop to Essex FM and BBC Essex.

As a local news reporter I covered everything from crime and politics to social issues that mattered to members of my community.

In a few short years I rose up the ranks to become chief sub-editor and deputy editor of my local paper; I managed the news flow and page designs of 14 regional editions every week.

I spent a few years in corporate comms before leaving London in 2000 for the bright lights and gaiety of Auckland; having been offered a job at the New Zealand Herald as chief sub editor of its daily business section.

I worked there until 2007, leaving to work as a freelance writer, designer and contract editor.

On a daily/weekly basis I use WordPress, InDesign, Photoshop, Audition (podcast/audio production) and the MailChimp EDM. Now and again I’ll use video editing software such as Premiere Pro.

For fun I host the Cool Nights jazz radio show which is freely syndicated around the world (44 stations at the last count).

Editor positions since 2000

  • New Zealand Herald, Property Report.
  • New Zealand Herald; custom publications (including the popular Inside series and Enterprise, for SMEs)
  • New Zealand Herald; Careers section
  • New Zealand Herald; Travel section
  • NZ Investor magazine and website (contract editor of retail investment magazine and website)
  • Publisher Viewfinder magazine and website for amateur movie-makers (business sold in 2012)
  • D-Photo, photography magazine (contract editor)
  • Engineering and Manufacturing magazine (contract editor and designer)

Writing credits (in New Zealand)

  • New Zealand Herald – employment, property and business writer
  • Project Auckland (NZ Herald special publication)
  • German news agency DPA
  • Employment Today magazine (ThomsonReuters)
  • InBusiness magazine
  • Herald on Sunday (business section)
  • Mortgage Magazine
  • NZ Business
  • Management magazine
  • Domain Magazine (Fairfax)
  • Migrant News
  • Bay of Plenty Times (APN)
  • The Big Idea website

During the last century (in the UK):

  • Reporter, sub editor, chief sub editor and deputy editor at the Yellow Advertiser Group in Essex.
  • Radio: BBC Essex, reporter; Essex Radio, tech op/reporter; Basildon Radio, breakfast host; Southend Hospital Radio, news and music presenter; Radio Top Shop, presenter/manager, and club DJ.
  • Southend Standard, sub editor; The Lancet, designer; Private Eye, researcher for Paul Foot; Thames News/Daily Mirror/NoW, stringer, Island Times, launch editor…