What I do for fun

Voice overs

From my days as a volunteer at hospital radio to later professional work I was frequently called on to do voice overs. Later on I got into imaging and enjoy the whole creative process.


Cool Nights, my syndicated jazz show

Hosting Cool Nights gives me a chance to chat about current topics and play some great music. This show is broadcast by more than 40 digital and FM stations across New Zealand, Australia, the US, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Canada and Switzerland…

Just Jazz Radio

Just for my own entertainment I run Just Jazz, an internet ‘radio’ station playing non-stop jazz (do you see where all this is going?).

Let me know if you want to start a digital radio station just go to Instant Radio Station.

Finally, when time allows I mess around with Reason. The programme features digital versions of the best synths and drum machines known to man as well as the sounds of real musicians playing real instruments via high res samples. Using a digital keyboard you can play almost any instrument and record your performance.

Theme to the classic movie Get Carter (written by Roy Budd) (jazz)

Black Pyramid (dance)