Training for podcasters

If you want to start podcasting and the books and online forums aren’t doing it for you then I can help with one-on-one training via a Skype or Zoom session.

During the course of an hour or two I can take you through the essentials, share my tips and advice based on podcasting since 2009, and answer all your podcasting questions.

From using what you already have to start making shows, to gear suggestions that won’t break the bank, and getting your podcast listed on all the leading podcast platforms.

By the end of our session you’ll feel more confident about recording your podcast, interviewing people (face-to-face, and remotely), and fully understand the podcast production process.

I’ll also send you my essential PDF guide for first-time podcasters.

What you will learn…

  • How to use your gear for recording a show (phone, tablet, digital recorder)
  • Good microphone technique – to get the best sound
  • Interview techniques that keeps the podcast interesting for listeners
  • Post-production for professional quality
  • Podcast artwork / show logo specs and best practice
  • All your podcast production questions answered
  • Written follow-up notes for future reference
  • Audio recording of our session supplied with 24 hours

All this for just $95 an hour (and there’s a lot we can get through in just one hour). Second hour (or part thereof during same session) is $75.