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Well this is a first for me – doing a piece to camera to talk about the options for people wanting to self-publish their book.

Having just published my latest book using two self-publishing services (instead of paying a printer huge sums of cash in the hope of selling them) I wanted to share how smooth and effortless I found the whole process.

The two firms I used were and and the hardest part of the process was navigating the tax declaration system (If I were living in the US I’m sure it would have been easier).

Then setting up the system to pay me via my NZ bank account also caused a minor hiccup… But nothing too arduous.

Then it was a case of uploading my files so CreateSpace / Amazon could list my Podcasting Made Easy book on the site and IngramSpark would service the bricks and mortar retail sector.

Now, when someone orders my book one of these two firms will print it and deliver it. Then my share of the cash goes into my account.