Writing, Podcast Production, Project Management
Writing, Podcast Production, Project Management

Voice overs by Steve Hart

Steve Hart is a versatile voice over artist providing hard and soft reads for commercials, narration, and promotional spots.

His voice is described as warm, energetic, sophisticated, sympathetic, fun, and dark. But take a listen to the demos below to find out if Steve’s voice is right for your project.

Home studio features:

  • Sennhieser MKH416 and ME66
  • ElectroVoice RE27-ND
  • Limiter / noise gate
  • JBL monitor speakers
  • Adobe Audition
  • All reads are carefully checked against the script, and supplied unprocessed, clean, and ready to drop into your project
  • Free retakes for any sections not delivered the way you expected
  • Retakes due to script changes (after recording is completed) will be charged as a new job – please check your script (words, spelling, and punctuation) carefully before sending
  • Non-English words must be supplied with a phonetic spelling or MP3 example of the expected pronunciation

Please send me your script for a free demo read (low res MP3).

Rates: Industry standard with a flexible approach.