Why move your site to a secure hosting plan


If you are serious about security when it comes to your website then it is time to move your site to a secure hosting plan and obtain the prefix httpS:// for your domain URL.

Google will love you for it and it will make online transactions etc far more secure.

But there will be some hurdles to jump if you already have a website, as moving your site across to a secure hosting plan is just the start. You may find all the URLs (for images and audio etc)  on your posts and pages remain as http:// – i.e., not secure.

You could open each post and page one at a time to correct them, but that’s madness.

I recommend using a search and replace plugin. Namely; Search & Replace – available free from the WordPress plugins directory.

This week’s WordPress podcast, the first one in ages, explains all and offers some added tips too.

As always, your WordPress questions are welcome along with WordPress plugins to review.